It took a bit of extra time to get all my numbers lined up this year; normally I try and do it every three months or so, but didn’t get around to it this time.

My stats for previous years can be seen here: 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Year Cycling Running Hours
2015 4306km/2,676 miles – 161 hours 566km/352 miles – 42 hours 203 hours
2014 6371km/3,959 miles – 231 hours 937km/582 miles – 77 hours 309 hours
2013 8254km/5129 miles – 300 hours 806km/522 miles – 68 hours 368 hours
2012 5044km/3134 miles – 181 hours 1025km/637 miles – 91 hours 272 hours
2011 3859km/2398 miles – 141 hours 741km/460 miles – 70 hours2 221 Hours
2010 5277km/3279 miles – 193 hours N/A 193 Hours
2009 2591km/1610 miles 114 hours N/A 114 Hours
2008 1338km/831 miles – 63 hours1 N/A 63 hours

Veloviewer has an awesome infographic maker, so I can visualise my year in one easy click.

Veloviewer 2015


My riding through the year was pretty consistent, although at slightly less than the year before. I didn’t spend much time on the turbo over winter, which meant I missed out on a fair bit of structure. It was also my lowest-climbing year, with only one trip through the Gorges and a lot more Kurnell rides.


For the first half of the year, my running was great – I was sorta-kinda following along with a half marathon training plan and was getting in about 50km a week with an 18km longest run. However, in about mid June I picked up a cold, a slight injury and full time employment in quick succession. I still don’t enjoy running like I do riding, so it was first to get the axe and I cut down to around 10-15km a week when I was better. Hopefully I’ll get better at managing my time this year and get some longer runs going.


Pilates has just moved to a Wednesday so I’m trying to work out if I should run down (Wednesday is normally a run), or move things around somehow and ride as normal.


Not a bad year, not a great one. Plenty to work on once I get some of my fitness back after pretty much 3 weeks on my ass eating over Christmas!
  1. From April, my bike was on a boat for the previous months
  2. Also from April, when I started running.

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