Rides and runs have been collated, cross referenced and matched, it’s the last day of the year and I hopefully haven’t lost any records.

My stats for previous years can be seen here: 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Year Cycling Running Hours
2014 6371km/3,959 miles – 231 hours 937km/582 miles – 77 hours 309 hours
2013 8254km/5129 miles – 300 hours 806km/522 miles – 68 hours 368 hours
2012 5044km/3134 miles – 181 hours 1025km/637 miles – 91 hours 272 hours
2011 3859km/2398 miles – 141 hours 741km/460 miles – 70 hours2 221 Hours
2010 5277km/3279 miles – 193 hours N/A 193 Hours
2009 2591km/1610 miles 114 hours N/A 114 Hours
2008 1338km/831 miles – 63 hours1 N/A 63 hours


It’s been a pretty average year for cycling, I’ve been searching for motivation for much of the year, and think it’s finally coming back.
I was really happy to complete this years Rapha Festive 500 challenge, more-or-less finishing in six days, giving me a super easy ride for day 7 and a rest day today. Everyone I normally ride with was away from Sydney for Christmas, or not riding, so it was 18 hours of solo riding with sun, wind and rain (though fortunately very little rain).
The fatigue I’ve built up over the last few days will pass soon, leaving me faster and stronger, making it all worth it.

Ride Fitness 2014

My PMC chart for 2014, with the blue representing overall fitness. Generally pretty poor compared to other years (where I was above 50 for most of 2013, with a fair amount of time above 75), but at least its heading in the right direction.


Running for the first eight months of year went really well, with my weekly mileage up to around 40km, long runs of 16km and a pretty decent pace. From around September, my focus switched away from running and I wound up just doing a run or two each week through November and December. Since I have half a mind to try at least a half-marathon distance next year, I will have to try and work in a reasonable plan, at least to give me an option to try 21.1km.


Pilates each Thursday evening has replaced part of my previous Thursday evening rides, so I’ve traded some 20km a week on the bike for some additional flexibility and increased core strength. Ironically, none of the people who persuaded me to start Pilates have been for the best part of a year, so it’s nearly always just me and another guy each week.


2014 could have been better in general terms as well as fitness wise. However, I still got in a fairly decent amount of quality hours in, and am looking forward to the future (which, at this moment comprises a bottle of Bulmers from the fridge, and a BBQ).
  1. From April, my bike was on a boat for the previous months
  2. Also from April, when I started running.

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