Another year has gone so its time for the annual review of my cycling and running.

My summary of 2012 can be found here.


Cumulative curves (from the excellent Veloviewer) this and previous years, the flat spots coincide with my trips to San Francisco in late July (where walking replaced running), and to the UK in December (where illness meant I didn’t run after the middle of the month).

Year Cycling Running Hours
2008 1338km/831 miles – 63 hours1 N/A 63 hours
2009 2591km/1610 miles 114 hours N/A 114 Hours
2010 5277km/3279 miles – 193 hours N/A 193 Hours
2011 3859km/2398 miles – 141 hours 741km/460 miles – 70 hours2 221 Hours
2012 5044km/3134 miles – 181 hours 1025km/637 miles – 91 hours 272 hours
2013 8254km/5129 miles – 300 hours 806km/522 miles – 68 hours 368 hours


I was very happy with the amount of riding I achieved, with 120 hours more than 2012, a good volume of that came early in the year with the form from the Festive 500 and great weather. Being fit was really motivating and was great to be able to take on a tough hard ride on a Saturday and still enjoy a ride on the Sunday as well.


With the increase in riding, there was a reduction in my running by about 20%. I would have liked to equal 2012’s distance but was only running twice a week during the winter so fell behind then. I had hoped to pick up a few extra km over Christmas, but a virus I picked up meant I didn’t run after mid December. Given my running volume (or lack of it), I was happy to set a new 10km PB for the Strava Anyway Challenge, with a time of 43:25.


In September I started weekly Pilates classes at The Pilates Lounge with a few other cyclists. So far its been enjoyable (if a little painful sometimes) and it seems to be helping with my flexibility.


2014 hasn’t started off too great – I’m lacking a bit of motivation so am just working on getting out on the bike or on foot to get back into the habit and hopefully start really enjoying it again. With luck i’ll find some form again and start racking up the distances soon.
  1. From April, my bike was on a boat for the previous months
  2. Also from April, when I started running.

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