Since about 2007, I’ve been using a selection of Garmin devices to track my cycling (and lately, running) and it’s always fun to see totals and like year on year.

Year Cycling Running
2008 1338km N/A
2009 2591km N/A
2010 5277km N/A
2011 3859km 741km1

Although I got my road bike in 2006, I was pretty much a weekend cyclist until things got properly going in 2008 (although somewhat delayed into April on account of my bikes being in a container ship). The much more civilised Australian climate meant a lot more opportunities to ride in comfort, although I had failed to take into account 8pm darkness, even in high summer.

Another jump in distance came in 2010 when I traveled back to the UK (and got stuck on the way) as I was able to bring back my turbo trainer2, thus being able to add post-work rides through the winter. 2010 was also a stereotypically Australian – blue skies and sunshine almost all year, perfect for riding.

Last year was a bit of a fall-off, with an not completely successful attempt to run instead of riding the turbo. However, the amount of hours of combined run+cycle is pretty close (within 5 hours) to my 2010 riding hours.

So far, 2012 has pretty much sucked, with a combination of hideous weather, travel and a selection of illnesses. Things are starting to look up at last though so hopefully it will be a good year of riding and running. I’m looking at ways to try and keep up my running and turbo training through the cold months, particularly through July where staying up late to watch the Tour for takes a toll after a few days.

I’ve got a couple of organised rides/ runs on the radar this year so with luck they will help with motivation and focus.

  1. Since April ?
  2. 30kg of luggage allowance on Emirates FTW ?

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